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No one seed looks the same.

Each is unique and different and needs its own type of care.
Like seedlings,
we are trying to grow into full green; we are trying to find our role in the ecosystem of change.

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Seeds Is a three-part webseries about the climate generation. Each episode portrays a young person from a different country who is pursuing an individual approach on communicating climate change and making their voice heard. 

It doesn’t matter if your contribution is large or small and how it looks like. Each one can be a seed that falls on the earth and is ready to grow from seedling stage through flowering and seeding again.

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Talia Woodin

Talia is 20 years old and living in London. Using her social media channel, she is combining her passion for photography and climate activism.  Since an early age, environmental activism has been a part of her life. Both her parents had been involved with the Green Party politics and she had been raised very conscious of the impacts of human consumption and in what ways we live our lives.

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Sophie Backsen

Sophie Backsen is 21 years old, a part of a farmer’s family and living on Pellworm, a North Sea island of Germany. Together with her family she has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for more climate action. Not only because she fears the loss of her home due to the rising sea levels, but also because of extreme weather events caused by climate change which are troubling her family’s business.

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Lara Müller

Lara is 22 years old and studying contemporary dance at the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland. She has made a performance called “The Last Day On Earth”, which is supposed to reflect the relationship between humans and Mother Earth. She asks what kind of footprint we leave and how we treat our planet. By collecting litter she finds on the street, she takes this issue to heart.




Like my protagonists, Seeds went through quite a journey itself. As a video creator and storyteller, I had originally planned to travel by train to each protagonist of this web series and shoot the video footage on site. I was already on my way to the North Sea island Pellworm when they started closing the borders due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, I had to turn back and find another solution for the series.

Producing this webseries made me realize that you don’t have to approach everything in a classical way. There is always an alternative solution. And in my case, it turned out to be the better solution for this kind of series. The stories are told by my protagonists who I talked to over a video chat. Following my instructions, they filmed the video footage themselves. Using that and what I could find on the internet, such as online articles and social media posts, it was made possible for me to tell their stories without any travel involved. 




This project is my attempt to capture the zeitgeist of the climate generation. I believe it is necessary to reflect the reasons and motivation behind our urge to make a change and to make ourselves heard. Only by understanding each other, we can work together for a better world. 

For me it was important to show that each story is worth telling and each contribution leaves its mark on the world no matter how big it is. 


I want to thank all people I have worked with in the last months, especially Simon de Beer for his creative work in composing the music. Also a special thanks goes to Flavia Reinhard, Caroline Feder, Milena Müller and my flatmates, who have endured me and my stress levels while being in Quarantine. 


“I wanted to portray the climate generation in a different way and tell the stories behind the faces you see who are engaging with the cause or protesting on the street.”- Yonca started SEEDS, a web series on the faces behind one of the biggest issues of our time.

An Interview with Blindeyemagazine.


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